Professional Services

Our professional services include all the fields related to employment law and social security. We offer a deep knowledge and specialization in these areas, as well as a permanent and personalized answer.

Personalized service. Fast and permanent answers

  1. Legal/Employment Advice

    Open Service

    A.1. Ongoing advice

    We provide ongoing advice on all questions that arise in the legal fields, including:

    • Advice in the drafting of all types of employment contracts, including those related to senior management and members of the board of directors
    • Exclusivity, non-compete, confidentiality agreements, etc.
    • Interpretation of employment legislation and of collective bargaining agreements
    • Drafting of employment-related documents (dismissal letters, warning letters, new working conditions, etc.)
    • Organisation of systems for flexible working conditions
    • Homogenisation of working conditions
    • Advice on remuneration systems
    • Advice concerning disciplinary misconducts
    • Employment Due Diligence

    A.2. Collective Bargaining Agreements and Labour Relations. Collective disputes

    • The negotiation of collective bargaining agreements at company and industry level
    • Collective agreements at company and industry level
    • Negotiation with the workers' legal representatives and preparation of a communication strategy
    • Collective disputes. Strikes and lockouts

    A.3. Restructuring of companies

    We support and advise our clients on the legal employment aspects that arise in the restructuring processes of companies and corporate groups.

    • Corporate reorganisations (mergers, divisions, etc.)
    • Transfer of undertakings
    • Total/partial closures of companies
    • Outsourcing and decentralisation of production
    • Subcontracting of activities
    • Change in individual/collective working conditions
    • Individual/collective transfers of the workforce
    • Individual/collective redundancy procedures

    A.4. Collective Redundancy Procedures

    • Advice during planning and throughout the entire process
    • Advice from Miralles Abogados lawyers at the working meetings with the company
    • Preparation of the required background information and documentation
    • Personal participation of our lawyers in the negotiations with the workers representatives or the elected employees
  2. Administrative/Employment and Arbitration Proceedings

    Open Service
    • Assistance concerning the employment inspection authorities and administrative appeals in sanctioning proceedings
    • Assistance in conciliation and mediation proceedings
    • Assistance when dealing with conciliation bodies such as employment courts (the Employment Court of Catalonia or the Interconfederal Mediation and Arbitration Service, SIMA, for example)
    • Arbitration and extrajudicial solutions to conflicts
  3. Litigation in labour and administrative courts

    Open Service
    • Assistance in legal proceedings before labour courts, high courts and the National Superior Court
    • Appeals before the high courts
    • Appeals for reversal and constitutional protection before the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, respectively
    • Assistance in proceedings before administrative courts
  4. Payroll Management

    Open Service
    • Employee portal: the payroll management that we carry out for clients takes place in a computer environment that allows employees to access the employee portal (including via mobile devices), where they can consult their employment data, payslips and certificate of taxes withheld.
    • Analysis, preparation and execution of remuneration:
      • Payrolls
      • Extra Payments
      • Arrears
      • Final settlement
      • Bonus
      • Monthly accounting report on employee costs
    • Calculation of Social Security contributions (contribution settlement receipt and payroll forms) and their electronic transfer to the Social Security.
    • Processing of employment changes (registrations, cancellations and variations) of companies and employees in the Social Security system:
      • General regime
      • Domestic employees
      • Special regime for self-employed employees
    • Advice, preparation and processing of employment contracts:
      • Employment contracts in an ordinary employment relationship or in a special relationship in all contractual forms and/or with special clauses.
      • Extensions
      • Modifications and/or additional agreements
    • Certificates for unemployment, maternity leave, paternity leave and retirement.
    • Compliance with and processing of temporary disability procedures before the National Social Security Institute (INSS) or Mutual Insurance Companies:
      • Electronic sending of additions, removals and confirmations of medical reports before the INSS
      • Electronic sending of accident certificate, with or without medical leave, before the Department of Enterprise and Occupation of the Generalitat of Catalonia or before the Delt@ system
    • Calculation of the retirement benefit
    • Formalisation of special agreements with the Social Security
    • Preparation, advice and submittingof income tax (IRPF) forms and certificates:
      • Forms 111 and 190
      • Forms 216 and 296/li>
      • Form 345
      • Certificates of incomes and withholdings
      • Annual declaration of family situation (form 145)
  5. Training

    Open Service
    • Training at various business schools, professional associations, etc.
    • Conferences and seminars concerning the latest legal/employment issues for our clients
    • In-company training
    • "Labour News” newsletter

    Our firm offers clients personalised training activities to meet their needs, designed for all organisational levels for both management and employees of companies, on aspects of employment law that directly affect them, prepared and given by our lawyers.

    We also regularly offer our clients open conferences and seminars concerning the latest employment issues, prepared and given by members of the firm or in partnership with leading figures in the employment field.

    Miralles Abogados publishes its own newsletter, “Labour News”, about issues of legal employment interest, where information is provided about new legislation and the most significant case law.